Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bard's Burgers

Ever since I went to Chicago, I have been wanting to try new things. Any time I go on vacation or on a trip, I want to try different off the wall places instead of just the normal chain restaurants. So I went on Urbanspoon, made an account and started to make a wishlist of all the places around Cincinnati that I have never been to, to try out.

That leads me today. Everything Thursday, my dad so generously takes me out to lunch (thanks dad!). But the past few months our whole development team have been going out on road trips to different places. We go anywhere from, Zips, to Quatmans, to Montoyays, to Paula's Cafe (who according to Joanna makes the best Carrot Cake) and so on. So I figured it would be a good idea to try and conquer some of these places I have never been to, with our Thursday crew. Mike Taylor (a co-worker of mine) heard of a place called Bard's Burgers in Covington. So we headed there for lunch.

It is deep in the heart of Covington and took about 15 minutes from downtown to get there. It was a regular old greasy spoon type restaurant an wasn't very big at all, in fact I think there was just one waitress.

Three of us got the special which was a double bacon burger, fries and a drink for $7.95. The burger reminded me of a larger versions of Steak and Shake burgers. It was 1/3 pound per burger. It was served with a basket of fries, and when I say a basket, I mean a BASKET. They were similar to Penn Stations fries, and I could not eat them all.

Mike, the bold one of the group, had a deep fried hotdog with sauerkraut and mustard (they call it the "Ripper"). He also got their basket of fries but with cheese and some sort of sauce.

They also had fried twinkies, zingers and oreo cookies you could get for dessert, but we didn't have any room for that. One thing I did want that I didn't get (I will probably have to go back for) was a handcrafted milk shake. Milk shakes from those types of places usually are delicious.

We will definitely be going back there and would recommend it to anyone.

Bard's Burgers on Urbanspoon


  1. You must have gone on a good day or the place bribed you for a good review. Anyone who goes there is wasting their time the place is a dump from ripped booth seats to mold in the bathrooms to crappy service.

  2. That is a typical greesy spoon type of a place. If you are worried about seats being ripped, then you will miss out on a lot of awesome food. My guess is you have never been to PHC (Price Hill Chili) either. I much rather go to a place that serves good food for a great price than go to a fancy place that serves OK, overpriced food.

    That's just me ...

  3. i think disgruntled ex employees should stay off these review sites.

  4. Yes god forbid a REAL customer has anything bad to say about the great Bard's Burgers !! It's sad you can't take the criticism and improve your product instead of blaming every bad review on someone who has something against the restaurant. Just another reason why Bard's burgers sucks !!

  5. food is ok i dont really like the seasoning they put on the burgers but the food is way over priced. you can go get a steak dinner for the price of a hamburger