Friday, June 25, 2010

Le's Cafe

Today I had lunch with a co-worker who introduced me to Le's Cafe. Don't try looking for them on the street or even finding them on the web because they aren't there. The only way you will find them is if you are hungry for knowledge and want to read some books in the library downtown. I have been in the Downtown library maybe ... three time (yes it's sad) and I have never seen this place. They are tucked away as soon as you walk in the main entrance to the left up the little ramp. It is just a little L-shaped counter and then some tables. It is nothing special, but it has some pretty good food for a great price!

I got their fish sandwich special with chips, a can of Dr. Pepper and a cookie, all for $4! They also had some Asian dishes including egg rolls for $1 and everything else was just as affordable.

The fish sandwich wasn't very big and the breading on the edges was a little tough, but is was a pretty typical "fast food" style fish sandwich. Next time I will see if they have some cheese to put on the sandwich. The BBQ Grippos and Dr. Pepper were obviously delicious and the chocolate chip cookie was very soft and very good with big chunks of chips in it.

I will be going back there quite often since the prices are amazing and they have a pretty good selection and always offering up different specials. Maybe next time I'll stop by the actual library and pick up a book... who am I kidding, if anything it would be a DVD.

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Yes, I'm doing a review on Arby's. But the only reason is because of their new sub that they came out with for a limited time. It is called the Steakhouse Sub and it comes with roast beef, swiss cheese, onion straw and a delicious peppercorn sauce (I love anything that you can put onions straws on top of). You can get that sub, curly fries and a drink for $4 right now at Arby's and I would recommend making the trip! I had mine last week and I was very close to getting another one today.

Let me know if you have had it, plan to get it, or when you get one!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buckhead Mountain Grill

Today we ventured down to Bellevue, Kentucky for lunch at Buckhead Mountain Grill. I have been here many-a-times mainly because it is my wife's favorite place to eat (shhh don't tell her I went here without her). We headed there for lunch today because the weather was awesome and they have a very nice deck that overlooks the city and crystal clear Ohio River.

When I go there I usually get a burger (the bbq, bacon, onion straw delicious burger to be exact) but not today. Today I got the "special". Usually when the waitress starts talking about the specials, I ignore them because it is something I would never get. But today was a different story, they had pulled pork sliders and chips for $6.29, I was sold!

One thing I can always guarantee when I go to Buckhead is that when I leave, I will be STUFFED. Today was no exception. After the fresh out of the oven rolls and then the generous portion of the pulled pork, I had no more room and could barely breath.

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So of course we headed down the street to get some ice cream at Schneider's Sweet Shop. Did I mention how stuffed I was? Yeah, not a good idea, but one of the co-workers knew of this ice cream place because they have ice balls with ice cream in the middle.

It is cool how they make them, pretty much how it sounds. They make an ice ball, add on your flavor (I got cotton candy), cut it in half, put the bottom half in the cup, scoop in your flavor ice cream (I got vanilla) and put the other half on top. The small size was HUGE, I can't imagine how big the large would be. I hope to go back on a day that I can truly appreciate it instead of regret the decision of even ordering one. None-the-less it was very good and we WILL be back for more.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just got back from eating lunch at Currito, a burrito place in Clifton. I must say that I love what Clifton and UC have done with that new area with all the restaurants on Calhoun Street. Anyway, we decided to go to Currito after a long debate on whether to go there over Five Guys or even B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings). Since none of us had been to Currito and we hadn't had burritos in awhile, we went with it, and I'm glad that we did.

It reminded me a lot of the "Chipotle experience", but I figured it would be pretty similar. It is hard to do a burrito place like this and not be compared to Chipotle at this point. I did the same thing when I went to Qdoba and most "Americanized" Mexican places. The thing I liked about Currito over Chipotle was the selection. They had three different kinds of rice and I was able to get some caramelized onions and buffalo sauce on my normal chicken burrito. It was very flavorful and it had a sweet taste from the onions that I enjoyed, but I think I would do without them and try more of the buffalo sauce next time to try and get more of the spice.

The portions were huge and they could barely fold my burrito, which broke half way through. I did go with the regular size burrito, but they offer a small size for $1 less. I also got the wheat tortilla instead of the flour since I know it is better for me and Chipotle doesn't offer it. With the burrito having so much flavor on its own, I didn't notice the wheat tortilla at all and would stick with the healthy choice. I also split some chips and salsa with the group which were good, but not as good as Chipotle's. I did like that they offered a sort of "combo" type deal if you get chips, salsa and a drink with your burrito for only an additional $2.49 more. So with the combo, you could get a small burrito, chips, salsa and a drink for around $8, which isn't too bad for the amount of food you get.

After going into a food coma, we sat and talked for awhile, letting the food digest itself. Me and one of my co-workers had noticed when we ordered that they had giant chocolate chip cookies for only $.99! So we both were waiting for our stomachs to make some room for dessert and we both knew we wouldn't be able to tackle the whole cookie by ourselves. So at the last possible second while we were walking out the door, we decided to go in on one together and ate it on the car ride home.

I would definitely recommend it to people if they are tired of the same old Chipotle burrito, and I hope to go back myself to try something else and maybe just get a small burrito so I have room for the cookie at the end. :D

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bard's Burgers (take two)

I am not sure of the rules about food blogging, but this will be my second review about Bard's Burgers. If you haven't read my first one, then check it out here.

The only reason I am doing another post is because, one it is good and two I ate something new and it was very good.

Today I ate a burger again, I got the BBQ Cheddar burger. It was better than last time because there was no trace of mustard on the burger like it did last time. The bacon was awesome as usual and as you can see they definitely loaded on the cheddar cheese.

But the main reason I wanted to do another review is because I had the fried Oreos. They were great! I will definitely be recommending them to others to try and would love to try and fry them myself. They weren't anything like I had imagined. I thought it would be a normal Oreo with some breading on the outside, but what I liked the most about it was that the Oreo (since it had been fried) had melted and became soft. So it really was this cake like breading with powdered sugar on the outside and then just a chocolate flavoring in the middle with of course the white icing mixed in from the cookie.

Definitely worth going back for, but next time I think I will try the homemade shakes.

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The Terminal Brewhouse

Another place we ate at while on our trip was a place called The Terminal Brewhouse located in Chattanooga TN. I saw it on Urbanspoon while looking for places to eat on our way down to Florida and once I saw it and some of the reviews I just had to make a stop there.

The design of the building alone is cool enough to go. It looks like a warehouse and on the inside it is floor on top of floor with steel piping and wood covering most of the interior. I believe it had 3 or 4 floors in all. We decided to sit outside on their patio type area. It was very green with grass floors in one area and plants surrounding the fence of 3 steal pipes.

It reminded me a lot of Rock Bottom here in Cincinnati, so naturally, I got the beer sampler to see how the beer tasted down in Chattanooga. It was what I expected, and I just wish I was in the drinking mood that night. But after being on a vacation with 2 young ones for an entire week and heading home the next morning, I was pretty beat. My favorite of the beers was the Belgian White, probably because it was the most refreshing beer they had and being in the warm weather the whole week, it hit the spot.

I split a pizza with my son and skipped getting the burger. My daughter got the kids burger, so I was still able to try it, but I am sure it wasn't nearly as good as their real burgers would have been. I still liked the mini burgers she had, but they weren't the greatest thing. My pizza, was very good and had a lot of different types of cheese on it. Again, it wasn't the best pizza I ever had, but it would be something I would order again. If I wasn't splitting the pizza with my son, I probably would have gotten the BBQ Chicken pizza or at least pepperoni. My wife got some sweet potato fries with her meal which was recommended on Urbanspoon, and she LOVED them. She got some sort of chipotle bbq sauce with it and she said it was amazing.

I want to go back sometime without my kids though to really experience the beer and food and have time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. With a drive of only 4 1/2 - 5 hours, I think I could make a nice weekend out of Chattanooga with a group of friends. Hopefully I will be back.

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