Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Terminal Brewhouse

Another place we ate at while on our trip was a place called The Terminal Brewhouse located in Chattanooga TN. I saw it on Urbanspoon while looking for places to eat on our way down to Florida and once I saw it and some of the reviews I just had to make a stop there.

The design of the building alone is cool enough to go. It looks like a warehouse and on the inside it is floor on top of floor with steel piping and wood covering most of the interior. I believe it had 3 or 4 floors in all. We decided to sit outside on their patio type area. It was very green with grass floors in one area and plants surrounding the fence of 3 steal pipes.

It reminded me a lot of Rock Bottom here in Cincinnati, so naturally, I got the beer sampler to see how the beer tasted down in Chattanooga. It was what I expected, and I just wish I was in the drinking mood that night. But after being on a vacation with 2 young ones for an entire week and heading home the next morning, I was pretty beat. My favorite of the beers was the Belgian White, probably because it was the most refreshing beer they had and being in the warm weather the whole week, it hit the spot.

I split a pizza with my son and skipped getting the burger. My daughter got the kids burger, so I was still able to try it, but I am sure it wasn't nearly as good as their real burgers would have been. I still liked the mini burgers she had, but they weren't the greatest thing. My pizza, was very good and had a lot of different types of cheese on it. Again, it wasn't the best pizza I ever had, but it would be something I would order again. If I wasn't splitting the pizza with my son, I probably would have gotten the BBQ Chicken pizza or at least pepperoni. My wife got some sweet potato fries with her meal which was recommended on Urbanspoon, and she LOVED them. She got some sort of chipotle bbq sauce with it and she said it was amazing.

I want to go back sometime without my kids though to really experience the beer and food and have time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. With a drive of only 4 1/2 - 5 hours, I think I could make a nice weekend out of Chattanooga with a group of friends. Hopefully I will be back.

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