Friday, June 25, 2010

Le's Cafe

Today I had lunch with a co-worker who introduced me to Le's Cafe. Don't try looking for them on the street or even finding them on the web because they aren't there. The only way you will find them is if you are hungry for knowledge and want to read some books in the library downtown. I have been in the Downtown library maybe ... three time (yes it's sad) and I have never seen this place. They are tucked away as soon as you walk in the main entrance to the left up the little ramp. It is just a little L-shaped counter and then some tables. It is nothing special, but it has some pretty good food for a great price!

I got their fish sandwich special with chips, a can of Dr. Pepper and a cookie, all for $4! They also had some Asian dishes including egg rolls for $1 and everything else was just as affordable.

The fish sandwich wasn't very big and the breading on the edges was a little tough, but is was a pretty typical "fast food" style fish sandwich. Next time I will see if they have some cheese to put on the sandwich. The BBQ Grippos and Dr. Pepper were obviously delicious and the chocolate chip cookie was very soft and very good with big chunks of chips in it.

I will be going back there quite often since the prices are amazing and they have a pretty good selection and always offering up different specials. Maybe next time I'll stop by the actual library and pick up a book... who am I kidding, if anything it would be a DVD.

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  1. Corey - the couple running it are Vietnamese.

    so - get the vietnamese items, like the banh mi and the spring roll. These are similarly inexpensive.

    the other stuff (like your fish sandwich) is apparently just there because they need some americanized items in order to draw library-going customers, many of whom have no interest in vietnamese cuisine, no matter what the price is.

    It looks to me like anything fried (eggroll, wings, rangoons) is cooked elsewhere and then sits in their hot box atop the counter, so I'd skip all those items