Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club

Over the weekend I took my wife to see a movie on the levee and then we headed to Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club which is ON the River. When I think of a place on the river, I think of a place like the cabana bar or hooters, but neither of those places are LITERALLY on the river. It took some time getting use to sitting at our table while waves would take us up and down and up and down. I didn't know if I could handle the movement, but I soon got use to it. It was strange because I never get motion sick and I love being on a boat. I think it was because I didn't expect it and possibly because I was very hungry.

We ordered up an appetizer and a bucket of beers. We got Potato "Chips" instead of skins, loaded with cheese and bacon. They were so good and hit the spot. They were thinner cut than potato skins which I thought was better because it was less potato and more cheese and bacon. Next time I could probably just get some of those and their onions straws and drink some beers and call it a night.

I got a beer battered cod while my wife got the grilled grouper (which I should have gotten, I was even told by our waiter to order the grouper). Mine was good, pretty basic, but I couldn't complain. I got the chips that come with the sandwich and my wife got the onion straws knowing that we would share both. The chips were just your basic lays potato chips, nothing fancy, but the onion straws were delicious. I am yet to have bad onions straws though. These weren't as stringy as the boathouse's onion straws and they weren't as thick as white castle's onions pedals. They were more like french fries and they were very good.

We got there around 7PM and we sat ourselves pretty close to the river. Live music starts at 9PM and they are open till 2AM every night. I would love to go back with a group of friends to just sit out by the river and drink some beers and order up some appetizers. I don't know if I would ever really go there just for their food, but the whole experience is awesome. Can't get much better of a view and it is very calming (once you get use to the movement of course). We didn't stay for the music, so I am not sure what kind it would have been. I do know that you need to bring cash or you will be stuck with a $3 ATM fee to get some cash out. But even with the $3 fee and tip, we left with only spending $43 for the two of us.

I am excited to have a new place to go to that is outside with a view and I am glad the prices are a lot cheaper than the cabana bar. We will be sure to be back and next time it will be later in the evening so I'll let you know how the music is.

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  1. monday night they have grill your own steak...they fix you a baked potato salad but let you grill your own steak for around $12 I think...great night to go with a bunch of friends

  2. Sounds delicious James, thanks for the recommendation! But what do you mean they let you grill your own steak? Will I be back in the kitchen showing them how it's done? : D

  3. yes they bring out grills and you grill the steak yourself. I guess they give the cooks the night off so if you burn it it is your fault