Wednesday, July 28, 2010

City Barbeque

I finally had the chance to go to City Barbeque a couple weeks ago. A new location opened up on Glenway by the new Chipotle and Chick-fil-a and I couldn't wait to go try it. When we pulled up to the building, I noticed the HUGE smokers that they had lined up along the back of the building and my mouth started to water.

I went with my wife and she had already been there once and knew how big the sandwiches were so we decided to just split one pulled chicken sandwich (which is a half pound) and then get a bunch of sides. We decided on the hush puppies (which are my favorite), the bacon cheese fries and fried pickles. The total came to around $14 something which I think is a good deal.

We sat outside since it wasn't too hot out and since no one else was sitting out there yet. I grabbed the 6 pack of BBQ sauces and sat at our table. We both used one of the buns and dumped 1/4 of a pound of chicken on top and then started adding our BBQ sauce. I tried about five of them and had three favorites. The three were the Sweet City Sauce, Brush Fire Sauce and the Original Sauce. My favorite out of the three would have to be the Sweet City Sauce. No matter what sauce I put on the chicken, it was all delicious and didn't take me long to finish.

The hush puppies were so good and by far my favorite item of the meal. They were larger than any other puppy I had eaten before. There was just so much flavor in them that I could have eaten a dozen of them.

The bacon cheese fries were of course good. I don't know many things that include cheese and bacon that aren't good. The fries themselves reminded me of the fresh cut fries that Penn Station have and I know that they would have been good on their own.

The fried pickles were a good addition to the meal as well. They didn't taste as good the next morning however (since we had almost half our meal to take home with us), but not many fried things can hold up the next day. But I must say, I did end up finishing them none-the-less.

We were very pleased with our meal and our choices. I can't wait to go back to try more of their meat and different sides. I have a feeling we will be deciding between Chipotle and City Barbeque a lot in the future. If you haven't had it yet, what are you waiting for?!

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  1. Don't think they advertise it, but they have lunch-sized sandwiches that are a bit smaller. Never had their sides other than corn bread and banana pudding (both of which I recommend). Hush puppies sound wonderful!

  2. I've been wanting to go there... maybe we can take our jo's out that way sometime soon? or to some other delicious location.

  3. We would love to go back there with you guys! Let me know what night or weekend works for you and we will work on getting a sitter.

  4. Cool review, Corey. Probably our favorite BBQ in town other than Pit to Plate. We go to the Hyde Park plaza location a lot.

    And my favorite sauce? Mustard. Hahaha!

  5. I live right by there and still haven't had the chance to try it. I'm glad to hear it was worth it. Thanks for the review! Check out my blog at