Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just got back from eating lunch at Currito, a burrito place in Clifton. I must say that I love what Clifton and UC have done with that new area with all the restaurants on Calhoun Street. Anyway, we decided to go to Currito after a long debate on whether to go there over Five Guys or even B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings). Since none of us had been to Currito and we hadn't had burritos in awhile, we went with it, and I'm glad that we did.

It reminded me a lot of the "Chipotle experience", but I figured it would be pretty similar. It is hard to do a burrito place like this and not be compared to Chipotle at this point. I did the same thing when I went to Qdoba and most "Americanized" Mexican places. The thing I liked about Currito over Chipotle was the selection. They had three different kinds of rice and I was able to get some caramelized onions and buffalo sauce on my normal chicken burrito. It was very flavorful and it had a sweet taste from the onions that I enjoyed, but I think I would do without them and try more of the buffalo sauce next time to try and get more of the spice.

The portions were huge and they could barely fold my burrito, which broke half way through. I did go with the regular size burrito, but they offer a small size for $1 less. I also got the wheat tortilla instead of the flour since I know it is better for me and Chipotle doesn't offer it. With the burrito having so much flavor on its own, I didn't notice the wheat tortilla at all and would stick with the healthy choice. I also split some chips and salsa with the group which were good, but not as good as Chipotle's. I did like that they offered a sort of "combo" type deal if you get chips, salsa and a drink with your burrito for only an additional $2.49 more. So with the combo, you could get a small burrito, chips, salsa and a drink for around $8, which isn't too bad for the amount of food you get.

After going into a food coma, we sat and talked for awhile, letting the food digest itself. Me and one of my co-workers had noticed when we ordered that they had giant chocolate chip cookies for only $.99! So we both were waiting for our stomachs to make some room for dessert and we both knew we wouldn't be able to tackle the whole cookie by ourselves. So at the last possible second while we were walking out the door, we decided to go in on one together and ate it on the car ride home.

I would definitely recommend it to people if they are tired of the same old Chipotle burrito, and I hope to go back myself to try something else and maybe just get a small burrito so I have room for the cookie at the end. :D

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