Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buckhead Mountain Grill

Today we ventured down to Bellevue, Kentucky for lunch at Buckhead Mountain Grill. I have been here many-a-times mainly because it is my wife's favorite place to eat (shhh don't tell her I went here without her). We headed there for lunch today because the weather was awesome and they have a very nice deck that overlooks the city and crystal clear Ohio River.

When I go there I usually get a burger (the bbq, bacon, onion straw delicious burger to be exact) but not today. Today I got the "special". Usually when the waitress starts talking about the specials, I ignore them because it is something I would never get. But today was a different story, they had pulled pork sliders and chips for $6.29, I was sold!

One thing I can always guarantee when I go to Buckhead is that when I leave, I will be STUFFED. Today was no exception. After the fresh out of the oven rolls and then the generous portion of the pulled pork, I had no more room and could barely breath.

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So of course we headed down the street to get some ice cream at Schneider's Sweet Shop. Did I mention how stuffed I was? Yeah, not a good idea, but one of the co-workers knew of this ice cream place because they have ice balls with ice cream in the middle.

It is cool how they make them, pretty much how it sounds. They make an ice ball, add on your flavor (I got cotton candy), cut it in half, put the bottom half in the cup, scoop in your flavor ice cream (I got vanilla) and put the other half on top. The small size was HUGE, I can't imagine how big the large would be. I hope to go back on a day that I can truly appreciate it instead of regret the decision of even ordering one. None-the-less it was very good and we WILL be back for more.

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