Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taqueria Mercado

We just got back from lunch at Taqueria Mercado. It just opened downtown on 8th and Walnut in the past week and has replaced another good mexican restaurant Javiers. I had never heard of this restaurant, but I know some of my co-workers have eaten at this place before but at a different location. The biggest difference between this place and Javiers is that Taqueria Mercado is a sit down and order restaurant instead of ordering at the counter as soon as you walked in.

Unlike most mexican restaurants, you do not get any free chips and salsa as an appetizer. If you want some though, it is only $1.50 for a basket of chips and a dish of salsa. We did get a basket, more by accident than anything. My co-worker asked if we got any chips and salsa after we all ordered and he said OK and brought some out. In the end we found on my bill that it cost $1.50, which was no big deal, we will know for next time. I would probably still get them because they were very good, everyone at the table enjoyed them.

I got a small chicken burrito ($4.25) and asked for rice in it (menu said add rice for $.25). I also asked for no sour cream, not only is it bad for you, I just don't like it. Lastly I asked for some guac and I asked if it came with chips and he said yes ($2.25). I will never know if actually does come with chips because I never actually got my guac and/or chips, yet they did try and charge me for it. I also ended up getting sour cream in my burrito which I noticed half way through. It looked like they may have put some in and then realized it wasn't suppose to go in so they stopped adding it and then served it to me anyway. Instead of making a big deal about it, I just scraped some of it out and continued eating it. If it wasn't so good I probably would have made them take it back.

Did I mention how good it was, wow. If it wasn't the best mexican food I ever had, it sure was close to it. Even with the messed up order, it still didn't take away from how delicious it was. And I did get some rice, but it wasn't in the burrito like I thought it would be, it came with some beans on the side, which I think they might have messed up thinking I wanted their lunch platter which, again, I didn't ask for. I am hoping once they are in business for a little longer some of the kinks will get ironed out.

All in all I wish the communication between me and the waiter and the cooks was better, but in the end I did get my burrito with some rice and I paid close to what I was thinking it was going to be ($6). I will definitely be back to try out more items from the menu. If you have never had this at any of their locations, I would suggest going, you won't regret it.

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  1. I enjoy the one on Rt. 4 in Fairfield. For a while I stayed away after my first visit because no one spoke English. After a year or more I returned. They had expanded and have a staff that speaks excellent english as a second language. The food is delicious. I do NOT miss the "free" chips that typically come with at other Mexican places. This is a contender for best mex in the region. Certainly best casual/authentic.