Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Orleans to Go

New Orleans to Go is my new favorite restaurant. It has it all, great food, amazing atmosphere and the best customer service. I have been there back to back weeks now, they usually come downtown Wednesday-Friday every week. You can follow them on twitter or facebook to know exactly where they are or where they will be on any given day. I saw one tweet saying that they will soon be going to Eden Park on Sunday's for brunch, I can't wait to try that out with my family.

The first time I went I got a fry and gravy with debris (shredded pot roast) with a bbq glaze and lettuce, tomato and mayo poboy. Even though I am a picky eater, I still ate it as is and it was very good. Some of the flavors threw me off since I simply don't usually get them or like them all that much, like the mayo. The BBQ glaze also had some mustard taste to it or something that threw my taste buds off. All in all it was a good sandwich and the flavors were different with each bite.

I got stuck under the truck that day because it started to pour down rain as soon as I put my order in. But it ended up being a good thing because I got to talk to some of the nicest people while I ate the food they cooked for me. I also kept getting fed more and more food that they wanted me to try, including the fried shrimp with a honey glaze (which they bottle and sell) that was so good. I asked to buy some today to take on my upcoming vacation, but they didn't have any in the truck, but they promised me some when I returned.  By far the fried shrimp with that honey glaze is my favorite thing that I have had from the truck so far. They also fed me some more of the debris with just the gravy which was very good on its own without all the other flavors getting in the way.

I also lucked out that day because it was Fireside Pizza's last day there and with a purchase of $5 or more from any food truck you got to take home a freshly made pizza out of their fire brick oven. I had to try a piece while I waited for my poboy to be made and it was very good. I actually served the rest of it and my other half of the poboy to my family for dinner that night and they all loved it and ate it all up.  I hope to go back for some other styles of pizza they sell at local farmers markets around town.  You can also follow them on facebook and twitter to catch them out and about.

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Since my first experience was so good, I had to take my co-workers back for our Thursday lunch. This time I knew to get it without all the fixins and just get it with what I wanted.

This time I chose to get a half buffalo chicken half honey glazed fried shrimp with bacon poboy and cheese fries. It is now my new favorite thing. It was so good and right on the money. They also gave me some fried shrimp on the side to share with my co-workers. The buffalo sauce had a good kick to it, definitely the spiciest of the sauces (had me sweating), then the honey glaze (my favorite) has the best flavor and still a little bite to it and then the BBQ sauce which is my least favorite because of the mustard flavor I thought I tasted the first time I went (yet I was told it had no mustard in it).

They also sell things like jambalaya and catfish etouffee and basically anything you would find down in New Orleans. Did I mention that they get everything shipping in straight from New Orleans?

I have never been to New Orleans but every time I go to this food truck, I desperately want to go for a trip. From everything I have seen on TV or heard about, it reminds me of an adult Disney World. It just seems so happy and upbeat. I would be shocked to see people not having a good time or people not being friendly down there. The music alone puts me in a good mood. I asked them what the music was that plays outside their truck and they told me it was a Pandora station called Rockin' Sidney. Take a listen to what you might hear when you go there for some food (and you MUST go).

I have never seen or tasted anything like what they are doing at New Orleans to Go and it is hard to put into words (I hope I painted a pretty good picture). So you just have to go and check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. Excellent post! Isn't it amazing how a little thing like an unexpected downpour can lead to such unexpected yumminess?

  2. Thanks! And yes it turned out to be a great lunch with great company. I wouldn't have learned so much about the truck and the food either. And getting all the extras was a great plus. I'm hoping to try some dessert from them someday but when it comes to dessert, I am as plain as they come. And things like sweet potato pie would be a big step for me haha but I'm willing to try a little bit of anything from this truck!

  3. Ooh I can't wait to try it! The food trucks are the latest craze... I need to check at least one out!

  4. they are for sure addicting and this one is by far my favorite! Hope you enjoy it, let me know how you like it!

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