Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keystone Bar and Grill

Today I went to Keystone Bar and Grill for lunch. It is located in Covington right across the river in a nice little area with a bunch of bar/restaurants around. It has a nice bar feel to it and I could tell it would be a fun place to be at night. They had drink specials all over the place, so I could tell it was my kind of place : D ... We got seated in a back room with a small TV in the corner of one of the rooms with the Big East tournament on in HD even.

I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap while my dad got the BBQ, Bacon Burger and the other two who were with us got their Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. My meal was VERY good, but VERY spicy. If you know me, I love spicy food, but my body think that I am on fire while eating, so it decides to drench me. I was definitely dripping and drinking a whole pitcher of water. The best part of my meal, I would have to say, was the Saratoga chips and BBQ sauce. I love that combination and will go anywhere who has them. The Boat House has some awesome ones as well as Rock Bottom. I need to learn how to make Saratoga chips and maybe even my own BBQ sauce, but the BBQ sauce sounds much more challenging.

Tonight they have a beer special of 5 domestic bottles for $5. Supposedly all the bars in the area have that same special on Thursday nights from 9PM - Close. I think Joanna would like this place too, so when the kids get better, I might have to bring her down.

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