Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sports Page

The best way to describe Sports Page is an old school diner or greasy spoon. I don't think a single guy works there (unless as a cook of course) and I doubt anyone is under the age of 30. I have been going there since I have been working downtown, so about 7 or so years. Waitresses have come and gone, but you will still see some of the life-timers still working there and still remembering your name. Getting one that is good is pretty hit or miss. Sometimes you will get one that wants to tell you everything about their life and their family and never leave your side and other times you will be dying of thirst trying to get a refill. I usually have good luck and try and sit in certain sections of those that I know will do a good job.

I usually go there now about once a month with my business partner. We have made it our go to place for when he comes downtown to talk some business. I think I introduced him to the place and now he won't let us go anywhere else when he comes and meets me. I think a big part of that is their buffalo chicken tenders and fries. He also gets a large tub of ranch on the side. I tried some of the fries that had the sauce on them, and I know I'd be sweating if I ever got that for my meal. It is very good, but my body thinks I am on fire whenever I eat somewhat spicy things. (Dang you body!)

I usually get their page boy, which is pretty much a big boy from frisches, minus the "special sauce". I think you can get the page boy, fries and a drink for around $5. But I have been looking at their specials lately, I think they had about 10 specials today. I was split between the Quarter Pounder, Fries and a Drink for $4.95 or the Chicken Quesadilla's and a drink for $6.95. Since this meal was on the company, I went with the Quesadillas. They were very good, there was chicken, cheese and onions inside and then salsa, tomatoes and lettuce on the side. I also got some BBQ sauce to dip it in (I love me some BBQ!). I was unable to eat it all since it was about 4 slices, and I had brownie sundae on my mind.

I saw when I was walking in that they had a Brownie Sundae for only $2, so I couldn't pass that up. So I got a box for my left over quesadilla and some of my friends fries and ordered me some dessert! It was HUGE! For $2, I was expecting some tiny little brownie with a little ice cream on the side. But I got a whole bowl full of ice cream, whipped cream and a large chocolate chip brownie on the bottom. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat it all by myself, so I swallowed my masculinity and offered to share with my GUY friend out of the same bowl. He looked at me funny, declined, and then couldn't resist the temptation that was glaring back at him. So he dug in and was very glad he did. We didn't put our utensils down until it was completely gone. I definitely found my new spot if I ever want a late afternoon treat.

All in all the meal was great and I was glad I swayed from my normal selections. They have had me hooked on their well priced, homemade food for quite sometime now and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. If you are ever downtown during lunch, let me know and I would be more than happy to go here with you.

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  1. OMG, i used to go to the sports page legit everyday when i worked downtown. i was right across the street:)

  2. What did you usually get there?

  3. Which Sports Page do you frequent....Vine Street or Main Street?