Friday, March 26, 2010

New Places

Does anyone know of any hole in the wall places around the downtown area, not necessarily in downtown, but within 10 or so minutes from downtown? Or does anyone have any favorite places that aren't well known? I am trying to find some new places to go for our Thursday lunches that we do every week. If you know of any, just leave them in a comment below.



  1. Bouchard's on Main, in the old Burrito Joe's spot.

  2. thanks Donald, I will check that place out.

  3. The new Wicked-Wich on Sycamore is very, very good. You can decline the mustard :-)

    Cafe de Wheels is also quite good, especially the sweet potato fries

    One of the very best cheeseburgers downtown is to be had at Madonna's on 7th.

    Raya's on Court Street has a truly excellent falafel. Service is friendly if slow and spotty, but the falafel is worth it

    Bangkok Express on Court Street has a pad thai special on Tuesday - 5.50, and it's pretty good.

    The chicken teriyaki lunch at Sakkio Japan in the Carew Tower food court is vastly underrated/underappreciated

  4. I do like madonnas I will have to go back to review it. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  5. the pilot inn in norwood/rookwood is amazing - very hole in the wall and def within 10 min drive