Thursday, March 4, 2010

Murray's Wings Pub and Grill / Louisiana Fish Bar

It wasn't my first time at Murray's Wings Pub and Grill, but it has been quite awhile. Most people I know that are my age have been there at least once in their life. It isn't in the nicest neighborhood, but they do serve some great bar food. I thought it was funny reading a review on Urbanspoon about this place. The guy said the food was too greasy. It's a bar! Bar food is suppose to be greasy hahaha. The greasier the better, I say.

Murray's Wings Pub and Grill on Urbanspoon

Today I had the burger and saratoga chips. It was very good. The burgers are very large and juicy. I added some of their wing sauce that they kept on the table to my chips and I couldn't have asked for more. If it wasn't a work lunch, I would have loved to include a nice tall beer with the meal. I would have enjoyed the wing sauce even more.

Louisiana Fish Bar on Urbanspoon

Not sure how long ago they combined, but the Louisiana Fish Bar is apart of Murray's now. They have one of the best fish sandwiches I have ever had and one of the few fish sandwiches I would recommend to someone.

They have a nice little bar and a good amount of TVs. I was disappointed to not see any in HD though, not a place I would really go to watch a sporting event. Although they do have a nice sand volleyball court out back which I have played on during some volleyball leagues.

All in all it is a nice little place with affordable food and drinks.


  1. My god man Murray's is awesome. It might be my favorite bar in Cincinnati. I've celebrate my past two birthdays there. Cheap drinks, sand volleyball, and two superhot bartenders.

    We don't go there on a regular basis becaus the two superhot bartenders are gone. While they were there though, I took at least 200 $3 cherry bombs at Murrays. And went shirtless at least a dozen times. And vomited on the bar. And helped a dozen of my friends black out with me. And almost died last year when Kramer and Walker ordered consecutive trays of 20-21-27 cherry bombs. I hid under a table. Cohen had a crush on one of the superhot bartenders to the point where he pretended to work there, helping them sweep up and acting as a volunteer barback.

    This place is in my own personal binge drinking hall of fame.


  2. Murray's and the Junction right Dan? Love the site Corey, you'll have to show me how to set one of these things up sometime.

  3. You guys and your initials hahaha, doesn't anyone know how to leave a comment with their name and not anonymous? Where it says Comment as: click the dropdown and click Name, then just put your name in haha.

    And sure Todd (if that is who TS is), I can help you set something up. Just go to and pick a name and a template and start blogging!